Rodeo Calf

Rodeo Calf is a beautiful soft to the feel but hard wearing natural calf with a waxy feel in 1.7/1.8mm.

Full Grain and Full Aniline, all the beauty of the leather comes through with Rodeo Calf.

This leather is used mainly in equestrian saddles for seat and panels but is also used in modern furniture as well as some classic car restoration.

Rodeo Plus

Rodeo Plus is the Little Sister of the Rodeo Calf. Using smaller tighter skins, the Rodeo Plus is a slightly firmer leather and sometimes has a more natural shrunken grain appearance.

Panel Top

Panel Top is available from stock in both Black and Brown in 1.5mm Fine Haircell Printed Split Leather

Whole Butt Splits

Whole Butt Splits available in Black and Brown in both shiny and matt finish at 2.8/3.8mm

Oil Dressed Butts

The Oil Dressed Butts are available in both Black and Brown in a range of prints.

4.5/5.0mm leather with a high oil content the leather is firm enough to hold the shape of the saddle flap, but mellow enough to mould to the shape of the horse giving good contact from day one.

Please note that there will be some colour rub off with these leathers due to the high oil content within.

Article Nature

Article Nature is a beautiful soft hide made on German raw material at 1.2mm full grain with a natural aniline finish.

Article Taurus

Taurus Bull Hides is made on Spanish Raw material on 50/55 sq ft Full Bull Hides at 1.8/2.0mm.


Scorpio Bull Hide in Black and Brown made on Spanish raw material at 1.8/2.0mm with a waxy grip

Article Makila

Article Makila is a beautiful, tactile soft Nubuck leather used in the saddle trade. Made on European raw material at 1.8/2.0mm on full bull hides averaging 50/55 sq ft this leather makes for a luxurious feel in the saddle while being surprisingly hard wearing.

Maxi Grip Synthetic Leather

Maxi Grip Synthetic Leather has been developed for the saddle trade and tested for its durability.

Coming on rolls approximately 35 metres long and 140 cm wide and 1.5mm thick the Maxi Grip offers a good economic alternative for use within certain parts of the saddle.

Saddle Flap Butts.

Haricell Printed Saddle Flap Butts are available in Black and Brown in 4.0/4.5mm.

Other colours are available upon request.

Patent Leather

Patent leather in Black, Wild Cherry and Cobalt

These are just some of the colours that we offer in patent leather. Please call the office for details of other colours available on 01922 632329


We offer a service to make welting in a range of colours of patent leather to customers orders.


Please phone the office on 01922 632329 for details.